Netflix: Attention! subscription will rise in price from May

He made the news official that many feared. The streaming giant, Netflix , justified the rise because it needs funds to produce more original content.


They make us suffer. The mass medium of online streaming, Netflix confirmed the price increase in subscriptions since May. Although the news spread like a rumor in January, many users did not believe the day would come.

The announcement was made official this week, where the millions of subscribers were informed that the new costs would come into effect in May, although the increases have been given to new users who obtained service in recent months.

The price increase will be for users in the United States and Latin America, where it is also charged in US dollars.

New Netflix prices
– The basic plan rises from $8 to $9 per month

– The standard package, which offers HD on two devices at the same time, goes from $11 to $13.

– Finally, the premium plan, which provides UHD on four devices simultaneously, leaves $14 per month to cost $16.

The reasons Netflix
The streaming giant said that the rise in prices is because they want to help pay for the prices of their original new productions. Series and movies like Black Mirror, Stranger Things and The Irishman are not cheap.

Besides, Netflix’s policy of only having original content in its library is reflected with the withdrawal of another programming such as Friends and Law and Order.

The company had expenses in 2018 of almost $12 billion, and it is forecast that the figure will increase this year to $15 billion.

Netflix Series
Sabrina: Netflix launches season 2 and reference to series of 90 is revealed
In The Hidden World of Sabrina 1×02 we see with one of the scenes Sabrina is accompanied by Salem in her room and changing using magic, a very similar situation that can be seen in the opening of the show of the 90s and several of the chapters of the remembered fiction.

Season one of ‘The Hidden World of Sabrina’ stole the interest of Netflix users, not only for the return of the endearing character but also for the new version that the streaming service, more somber and not for minors, that was launched.

Now that Sabrina is more a witch than ever, Aunt Hilda’s love interest, Faustus Blackwood, will do everything she can to keep the young woman from interfering with her plans.

Netflix will premiere animated series for adults with a gay ‘James Bond’
The TV Line website published the synopsis of the animated series which will be a comedy for adults: “A handsome secret agent and his team of fellow super spy LGBTQ constantly underestimated by their colleagues.” Q-Force members have to put themselves to the test again and again as they embark on extraordinary professional (and personal) adventures. ”

The release date of ‘Q-Force’ has not yet been announced and what actors will be involved to give voice to the characters.

Luis Miguel: Diego Boneta forgets ‘Sun of Mexico ” for the new role in Terminator
A very radical change. The world of cinema leads actors and actresses to bet on increasingly risky parts that allow them to show new facets of acting. This is also the case of the Mexican actor Diego Boneta, starring in the hit series of Luis Miguel on Netflix. It will be a fundamental part of the upcoming film of Terminator.

Boneta, who characterized the ‘ Sol de Mexico ‘ in fiction, shared the first image of his character in the upcoming movie Terminator: Dark Fate in his official Instagram account, where he thanked his more than 3 million followers for the support

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