Billie Eilish makes her acting debut in Swarm

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

Recently, the well-known musician Billie Eilish was spotted in the new trailer for Donald Glover’s series “Swarm.”

Recently, the popular singer Billie Eilish was seen in the new trailer of Donald Glover’s series “Swarm,” entering into the realm of acting and surprising everyone.

It seems that after establishing her talent as a vocalist, the musician Billie Eilish advances into the field of acting.

This is due to his involvement in the Swarm series, which he co-wrote with Dominique Fishback and Chloe Bailey.

“Billie Eilish will appear as a guest along with Paris Jackson (Michael Jackson’s daughter). The series premieres March 17 on Amazon Prime.”

Billie plays the doyenne of a female cult in this performance, which is based on the notorious real-life NXIVM sect.

Although Variety reported a few weeks ago that the singer would be in this production, Billie’s team refused to confirm it. It wasn’t until last Wednesday, during the project’s premiere in Los Angeles, that the interpreter of “Bad Guy” paraded on the carpet and thus confirmed his presence in this program.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

This is how Time magazine’s review of the first episode was added, via which the participation of the pop musician was confirmed once more.

The tale revolves around Dre, a young woman fascinated with a fictional pop musician whose fans is known as “The Swarm.”

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The series digs into the protagonist’s life, her daily life as a fan, and how it leads her to dark places. It should be noted that Swarm is Donald Glover’s debut Amazon Prime production after developing the critically acclaimed HBO series Atlanta.

Janine Nabers, with whom Glover had previously worked in Atlanta, is in charge of this new show, while she has previously been in charge of projects such as Watchmen.

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