Netflix and the three most anticipated films to be released in April


Today, we will reveal the three most anticipated films that will release on the Netflix platform in April. Today, we’ll tell you about the three most anticipated movies that will debut on the Netflix platform in April, so keep reading to make sure you don’t miss out.

We are only one day away from the start of April, which is jam-packed with premieres for all interests and ages, from dramas to comedies and everything in between. Without a question, Netflix promises to surprise its users with movies, episodes, and documentaries that will keep them entertained for hours.

A Tourist's Guide to Love (2023) - IMDb

As a result, we anticipate three of the most anticipated films to be released in the month of April 2023. It should be noted that the following Netflix films include international premiere feature productions from Mexico, the United States, and Spain.

Featuring mystery, romance, and horror themes, pay attention and don’t miss the following recommendations, which are among the most anticipated from the world’s most popular streaming site.


Jonas Cuaron on the Primal Instincts of 'Gravity' - Variety



It is a Mexican Netflix original film directed and written by Jonás Cuarón, the son of successful and acclaimed filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón. The film takes a fresh approach to the Chupacabra by following the story of Alex, a teenager who goes on a road trip to see his family in a rural village.

He discovers a little Chupacabra lurking in his grandfather’s shed while playing there. Alex pairs up with his cousins to go on a thrilling journey as they discover a mystery and escape from the authorities and grownups, determined to save the creature.


Trailer For Rachael Leigh Cook's Netflix Adventure Romantic Comedy A TOURIST'S  GUIDE TO LOVE — GeekTyrant guide to love

It follows the story of Amanda (Rachael Leigh Cook), a tour business executive who felt she had the perfect life. Yet, after another heartbreak, he recognizes that something is lacking from his life.

Amanda chooses to travel to Vietnam to explore tourism in that country in order to discover solutions. On her journey, she meets Sinh, a fellow Vietnamese traveler played by Scott Ly, and the two embark on an adventure into the unknown, discovering the true meaning of love.


Unfamiliar Waters: Exploring the Uncanny in Dario Argento's 'Phenomena' –  Screen Queens


He claims that the Hepta Group, comprised of Sagrario, Paz, Gloria, and Father Girón, examined paranormal phenomena during the end of the 1990s. Despite the fact that the organization is in trouble, they decide to look into some unusual incidents that take place in an antiques shop.

What appeared to be a routine case becomes the team’s greatest struggle. This suspense and horror tape, like past offerings, is expected to be one of the most popular throughout the month of April 2023.

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