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Miss Universe 2022: Internet Is Gobsmacked By Miss Ukraine’s Empowering Outfit

Miss Ukraines Empowering Outfit
Miss Ukraines Empowering Outfit

Miss Ukraine, the contestant for Miss Universe 2022, has gone viral thanks to her attention-grabbing costume. That footage of her performance is going viral. This is what the people of the internet think. Viktoria Apanasenko, Ukraine’s representative in the 71st Miss Universe pageant, wowed the judges and audience with her stunning ensemble for the national costume round.

This 28-year-old participant revealed his “Warrior of Light” costume on January 11 at the contest in New Orleans, USA. Her video of her performance has gone viral, and the compliments haven’t stopped coming in.


Miss Universe 2022: Internet is gobsmacked by Miss Ukraine's empowering outfit | Trending News – India TV

Victoria Apanasenko used her opportunity to wear her national costume, which she dubbed “Warrior of Light,” to inspire others. In an Instagram post, Apanasenko describes the meaning and optimism behind her choice to wear her national costume. “Ukrainians’ inner power, their courage, tenacity, and love for freedom are all embodied in the “Warrior of Light” costume.

Our intention with this costume was to convey the message that the horrors of war will not weaken us or stain our souls. Ukraine, like the mythical phoenix, will rise from the ashes and become a beacon of hope and charity. It’s a symbol of every woman who has ever fought for equality, independence, or a better future. Every one of us is a Light Warrior “I’m going to assume she wrote it.


Miss Ukraine commended for 'badass' appearance at Miss Universe pageant

The internet is awash with her performance video. Many people on the internet have shared their thoughts on it. In his post, one user said “Both stunning and potent. Ukraine, in my mind, embodies this ideal of a defender of the good.” Somebody else chimed in and said, “Putting on the St. Michael warrior outfit, Miss Ukraine looks fantastic. A harmonious union of feminine and masculine forces.”

Third-party commenter: “This dress is amazing. It’s a model of perseverance and success.”

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