Manelyk did enter “The House of Celebrities”, Will he leave “The stars dance in Today?

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Mane revealed that he would do anything to return to “The House of the Famous” and completed it

Without a doubt, one of the most controversial women in Mexico is Manelyk González, whom we met for her participation in Acapulco Shore, since then she has earned the nickname of “The real girl” because in each program of this type in which she participates she ends giving a lot to talk about.

And it is that Mane in addition to “Acapulco Shore” has participated in “Resistiré”, and “La Casa de Los Famosos” in the latter he entered the middle of the competition, and although his companions tried to make his life impossible, it was shown every stronger, so much so that he won second place in the first season of this reality show; he currently participates in the third edition of “Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy”.

Does Mane return to “The House of Celebrities”?

Just a few days ago, upon his departure from Televisa San Ángel, Mane revealed to the media representatives that he was going to do whatever was possible to enter “The House of Celebrities” because the cast of this new season was it made him very interesting.

As she said, Mane entered “La Casa de Los Famosos” in this second season, however, she did so before all the new participants entered because it was a special tour for her and her former partner Roberto Romano.

According to what was published by Manelyk, in his tour of the Casa de Los Famosos this season there are many new things and other things that have improved to make the stay of the participants much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Due to the above, Mane was only a special guest at “La Casa de Los Famosos”, so her participation in “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy” is not in danger, and as every week she will be performing together with her dance partner, the actor Carlos Spitzer, who by the way, make up one of the favorite couples of this third season.

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