Lorenzo Lamas Confirms His Daughter Victoria’s Relationship With Leonardo DiCaprio: “She Likes Him A Lot”

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Lorenzo Lamas
Lorenzo Lamas

Leonardo DiCaprio’s mushy personal life has been in the spotlight again. If a few short months ago, he became the social chronicle’s protagonist after ending his four-year relationship with Camila Morrone, today he does it for a different reason: the protagonist of Titanic adds to his list of romantic partners.

According to his story, Victoria Lamas, daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, helped the American regain his sense of delusion.


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As a result, if “the king of beds” stirred up controversy on the small screen in the ’90s, his daughter has since stolen the spotlight. Victoria, who is only 23 years old, has already established herself as a leading figure in the acting and modelling industries, calling herself a “original artist” on social media. However, the young woman has been DiCaprio’s new illusion in recent weeks.

The Hollywood star has fallen back into an old pattern by beginning a relationship with a woman under the age of 25. Because the supermodel Gigi Hadid was 27 when her relationship with The Wolf of Wall Street’s interpreter began, Hadid disregarded this rule.

Even while neither DiCaprio nor his new partner have publicly discussed their happiness, Lorenzo Lamas has. Lamas has confirmed the rumours, telling the New York Post that his daughter is “extremely in love” with the Oscar winner after they were spotted together in West Hollywood last week, notably exiting The birds streets club.


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According to the actor, Victoria and Leonardo DiCaprio have been writing their own love tale since meeting a month ago: “I know she likes him a lot.” I believe their first encounter occurred around a month ago. That’s what she said; I don’t know the details. While the Final Impact star admits that his girlfriend enjoys the attention, he insists that they are not dating.

If he were to read something suggesting that they are dating when they are not, it would be horrible and embarrassing for her, thus she doesn’t want it to be known.

Since DiCaprio is already known as one of the actors who has had the most couples since he debuted to the big screen, his record of love affairs is maybe the best way to characterise him outside of his professional job in movies. However, it appears that Lamas has given his daughter some parental counsel because the idea of formally establishing their relationship is not something he is fond of. I advised her to take things slow and enjoy the connection.


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We’ll have to wait and see if DiCaprio makes his new love story official, or if Victoria Lamas joins the list of ladies who have temporarily won over the heart of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated (and coveted) actors. The publication advises, “Just enjoy it as much as you can while it lasts.”

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