Lizbeth Rodriguez reveals a man who overreached in a circumstance

Lizbeth Rodriguez
Lizbeth Rodriguez

Lizbeth Rodriguez, an influencer, was enjoying the Awards Ceremony when a member of the public took advantage of her closeness.

What a disaster! Last Saturday night, the host Lizbeth Rodrguez was enjoying the music at the Ax Ceremony festival, looking stunning in a blue costume that was comfy without neglecting her playful side.


“Oh, this bastard grabbed my c*la and was looking for any moment to get back, what a horror. Those who pretend they don’t realize it and go dancing their hands at all costs shit me.”


The influencer wore a little top with thin straps that exposed her lovely belly, while at the bottom she chose a long skirt in the same solid color with a playful opening on the left leg, which she paired with Vans tennis shoes to be more comfortable while listening to music.

However, Lizbeth Rodriguez disclosed a horrific circumstance that she encountered on her night off through her social networks, because on film she captured the face of a man who was part of the public that was near her, and she took advantage of the closeness she had.


Leaked OnlyFans video of Lizbeth Rodríguez! (VIDEOS)


The following words were used as a description of the video by the host of ” Infidels “:

Lizbeth Rodriguez did not explain what transpired following the scenario, but she exposed it to her millions of followers; she set an example by never remaining silent in the face of these injustices.

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