Lily Adrianne takes her fans by surprise with her sensual animal print bikini

The model decided to take the two photographs inside a trampoline.

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NEW ZEALAND. – A few days ago Lily Adrianne raised the temperature on Instagram, after she published 2 spectacular snapshots in a bathing suit.

The model decided to take the two photographs inside a trampoline , so in the first image we can see her from the front, while wearing her hot bikini, perfectly highlighting her great charms .
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For the second photo, Lily is on her back , with her legs slightly apart, making us witnesses of her spectacular rear , while her long black hair covers her back.

There is no doubt that the influencer could show off all her sensuality not only with any garment , but also in any place where she proposed it.

Within her post, the New Zealander wrote a description in which we can read “Do you think you can bounce higher than me ?”, In reference to the place where she was.

So far Adrianne’s publication has already managed to exceed 175 thousand likes , in addition to having thousands of comments from her fans, who always send her their loving messages.



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