Jennifer Lopez teaches us how to wear the white shirt in summer to go to the office

JLo gives us another style lesson to use the white shirt in a fresh and elegant look.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities that we are always on the lookout for, as the singer and actress frequently give us fashion lessons that we can apply in our daily lives. On this occasion, JLo showed off on her social networks a look with a white shirt that is perfect to go to the office during the summer.

We are getting closer to the summer season, a time when we have to opt for vaporous and light looks that refresh us all day. No doubt this JLo look is a very viable option to look elegant and fresh at the same time.

How to wear a white shirt to dress in the style of JLo?

Through social networks, Jennifer Lopez showed her outfit with a white shirt to start the week with all the style. JLo chose to combine a white shirt with long sleeves with beige dress pants and a belt in the same tone that gave an elegant touch to her entire look.

The interpreter of ‘On the floor’ complemented the look with accessories in rose gold tones, as well as natural makeup, but emphasizing and giving depth to the look. This gave her a great balance between elegance and sophistication that undoubtedly made her look amazing.

How to make an elegant outfit with a white blouse to go to the office?

If you want to recreate JLo‘s look with a white shirt, we recommend choosing a white blouse made of airy and light fabric such as silk and satin. This type of fabric will give a fresh touch to your look without losing elegance, making it perfect to wear to the office. You can also opt for a white blouse with the volume on the sleeves to give it a more modern and fresh touch that is perfect for summer.

Also, you can bet on dress pants that have a different touch like JLo’s. We recommend wearing high-waisted elephant-leg pants to flatter your figure and give your look sophistication. Complement with light accessories and natural makeup to bring the best style to your office.

Although an office outfit should have elegance and sophistication, go for colors and fabrics that bring freshness and lightness to your summer look. The best thing is that the base of everything is the white shirt that is a basic for any occasion and that is one of JLo’s favorites.

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