While performing a performance, Jennifer Lopez tore the back of her black jumpsuit right in the middle

Jennifer Lopez 2
Jennifer Lopez 2

In the world of music, Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous artists, not only for her talent but also for her sensuality, something that characterizes her in her presentations and even in the publications she makes on a daily basis through social networks. However, on this occasion, it has been in the news for an incident that occurred with her wardrobe while she was dancing in one of her shows.

Through a video that the interpreter of ‘The Ring’ shared on her official TikTok account, it was seen how part of the black jumpsuit she was wearing broke, just at the height of her rear. Jennifer Lopez joked about what happened to her and put the viral theme of “Oh, no” in the background.

The video garnered more than 3 million views and more than 2,000 comments. Some of the messages that were read were: “That is ventilation, the bad vibes will say that it was damaged”, “Who else did it come out for you?”, “You didn’t even see it”, “Strained air”, “Ben Affleck had something to do with it”, and “The fan”.

“Pa lante that was on stage”, “It’s the first thing I saw”, “It’s your ventilation”, “Oh, poor thing, it usually happens, calm down my JLo, you are the best, I love you very much”, “Well, but those things happen”, “Oh, no, your outfit is so cute”, they told him. Despite what happened, the artist was very confident and continued singing for her audience, an example of how professional JLo is.

The daughter of Jennifer Lopez has come out as identifying as non-binary

Recently, Jennifer Lopez made headlines because her daughter Emme is going through adolescence and has decided to identify as a non-binary person. During a presentation, the celebrity spoke in inclusive language to refer to the daughter she had with the salsero Marc Anthony.

jennifer lopez and emme
Jennifer Lopez and emme

“The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this”, said the artist at the beginning and then indicated: “Elle is very busy, full of reservations in her agenda and she is so good, it is very difficult for me when she goes out, but she’s worth every penny because she’s my favorite direct partner of all time, so if I may… The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this and I ask you to sing with me the whole time. So this is a very special occasion.”

This fact shows that Jennifer Lopez has perfectly understood this decision of her daughter and that she respects her so much that she refers to her in inclusive language.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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