Jennifer Lopez buys used clothes at an Everything for 1 dollar outlet store

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Jennifer Lopez Buys Used Clothes
Jennifer Lopez buys used clothes

Jennifer López went a step further in the reuse and recirculation of clothing. The singer did not keep repeating the dress for different events, but she took her daughter shopping for her at Jet Rag, the mecca of “vintage” clothing in Los Angeles.

Jet Rag is not an acute and arranged business where you can find expensive second-hand things. Quite the opposite, it’s a typical American carnival-style store, with piles and piles of messy clothes and on Sundays, they have big “Everything for 1 Dollar” sales. Those who know her say that the keys to finding true design jewels for very little money are patience and perseverance.

Jennifer Lopez Buys Used Clothes At An Everything For 1 Dollar Outlet Store

JLo arrived at Jet Rag like the diva she is, in her white Bentley convertible and accompanied by her 14-year-old daughter Emme, the fruit of her marriage to Marc Anthony. The heiress left the store with shopping bags.

For the mother-daughter walk, Jennifer chose a white maxi dress with lace details on the straps, neckline, and waist, which seemed to be vintage. She was accompanied by a Bookbag by Christina Dior (which costs around 2700 dollars), very high platforms Carolina Crystal by Gucci (in some offers you can get them for 500 dollars), chains, bracelets, Xl hoop earrings, and the inevitable sunglasses by her. Her hair was tied up in a casual bun.

Jennifer Lopez Buys Used Clothes At An Everything For 1 Dollar Outlet Store

Emme, for her part, wore a unisex look of jeans and a T-shirt with caricatures of the post-hardcore band “ Pierce the Veil ”, curlers in the wind, and almost no accessories, except for the headphones connected to the iPhone.

Jennifer Lopez’s 7 million engagement ring

On her left hand, it was possible to see that she was wearing her inseparable last engagement ring that features a green diamond, the second rarest color for this precious stone after red and it is estimated that it is the most expensive engagement ring of the six that Jennifer received. Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez Buys Used Clothes At An Everything For 1 Dollar Outlet Store

Ben Affleck himself had already given her an engagement ring 20 years ago, although at that time it was a 6.1-carat pink diamond that he specially commissioned from the exclusive American jeweler Harry Winston, and which was valued at about two and a half million dollars.

The fact is that this ring, with such a rare diamond and an important size, is estimated to be worth around 7 million dollars.

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