Images of Nodal drinking alcohol directly from his Grammys awards are leaked


Not 24 hours have passed since Nodal‘s name became a trend on social networks due to the controversy in which he was involved when responding to several comments from his former mother-in-law, Mrs. Schüll when the ranchero singer has already returned to give something to talk about, this thanks to some images that have gone around the Internet and in which he appears speaking very badly about the Latin Grammy awards.

Through a video that he shared on his Instagram account, and that he later deleted, Nodal is very lively, while he lives with a friend and they take the opportunity to have a few drinks, but what caught the attention is that instead of glasses or cups, they use the statuettes to drink directly from them, in addition to ensuring that they do not mean anything in their lives.  

“I’m going to tell you something, I love you so much…, you are one of my best friends and this mother, for me, it was a dream to have these pens… and I did it, I feel that for many people it represents many things and for me They don’t represent anything, you know?” He told Nodal referring to the awards.


Among the comments that said recording has generated, you can read some messages that indicate that the 23-year-old has every right to use these awards as he sees fit since it was his work and talent that earned him them, but the vast majority consider that this attitude should not be taken lightly and that they should even remove them because many artists would value them. Still, others decided to express their concern for Christian, as we remember that he recently confessed that he had decided to stay away from drinking so as not to fall into excesses, but the videos, which are already viral, speak for themselves.

Other artists who do not give great meaning to the statuettes

Despite the criticism, it should be clarified that Christian Nodal is not the only artist who does not consider this type of recognition to be of great importance, since even the biggest Hollywood stars have shown their disappointment, for example, Jared Leto has the Oscar that he won as best supporting actor, for the film The Club of the Evicted (2013), on a shelf in his kitchen; while Kate Winslet and Rosell Crowe decided to keep these statuettes in quite unusual , she for her part has it in the bathroom of her house and the actor went further by leaving the award he received for the tape Gladiator (2000) in a chicken coop.


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