Christian Nodal as a fiery model poses for the cover of Playboy

Christian Nodal lit up social networks by posing hot for the cover of the renowned magazine, Playboy

Christian Nodal As A Fiery Model Poses For The Cover Of Playboy
Christian Nodal as a fiery model poses for the cover of Playboy

Christian Nodal is causing a furor. But this time it is not because of his sentimental situation or because of his controversial statements. On this occasion, the singer surprised his millions of fans with a new professional achievement.

The interpreter of “Goodbye Love” appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine for the month of May. In this new edition of the internationally recognized brand, the Mexican posed for a series of photographs in which he wears different outfits that make him look nicer than ever.

As is characteristic of this magazine, Nodal demonstrated his power of seduction in some particular photographs with a spectacular model making fiery poses on a sofa.

Very proud of his achievement, Christian published these photos on his social networks, sharing them with his followers, who did not hesitate to react by leaving numerous comments.

A whole playboy my compirri”, “The most handsome”, “Number #1 in Mexico, whoever fits him”, “Is there something that this man does not know how to do well?”, “Apart from breaking it as an artist, you already want to leave without work for the models too”, “If being beautiful were a crime you would already be in prison”, “But what photos, my God”, “Beautiful shorty”, “The coolest ”, his fans wrote to him.

And it is that the singer seems to be at his best despite the legal lawsuits he has had with his former label, Universal Music.

Since Nodal signed with Sony Music, he has released numerous songs that have become a success in a few days. In addition, he has been seen happily enjoying his single life and his millionaire fortune.

Even recently, he was the victim of criticism precisely for having said publicly that he would stay and live in Los Angeles to be able to enjoy his money with total security and privacy.

Through a live broadcast on Instagram, he said: “It‘s very complicated to live in Mexico, it’s like, you can’t have anything comfortable, you know? You can’t have your nice car, your nice house, because everyone is going to know where you live, everyone is going to know what car you drive… ”.

He also added: “ It happened to me, for example, I had a Ferrari that there was only one in all of Mexico, and it was obvious that people knew where it was and when it was happening and all that, and I did not like that there was no privacy and here it’s like “never mind!” here there are a lot of people who have those cars, their luxuries, their houses and everything and it’s not like people are surprised and in Mexico yes, people say “ah, don’t stain”. Not here, that’s why I like it better here ”.

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