Belinda reacts to the leak of messages by Christian Nodal: “They are nonsense”

belinda christian nodal anillo demanda
belinda christian nodal anillo demanda

Belinda as a result of the publication of a conversation that her former partner, Christian Nodal, divulged on her Twitter account. In the conversation, the actress from “Welcome to Eden” is indicated as being interested because she asks the interpreter for money to pay for dental work and to help support her parents.

The pop singer made the decision to speak out during the morning show “Venga la Alegria” on TV Azteca. There, she disclosed her feelings about the situation that arose as a result of her mother, Schull, calling the interpreter a “naco” and an “opportunist.” of “Bottle after bottle” by dropping hints about it on Instagram.

“You’re very welcome, Ricardo. When asked about the issue by the journalist Ricardo Casares at nine in the morning, the singer said, “I am not going to say anything, it truly is nonsense.” This was in response to the journalist’s message that was sent to her at nine in the morning.

This would be one of the first responses made by the pop singer, and we presume that in the future, similar to how Beli has handled similar situations in the past, she would respond with a statement to the words that Nodal has posted on Twitter.

Christian Nodal gives his explanation for why the discussion he had with Belinda was shared.

As if that wasn’t enough, the singer of “Bottle after Bottle” replied to netizens in the Twitter thread, explaining to his audience why he had chosen to reveal the dialogue to the public.

The part when he said that he has to move away from that darkness and wants to find some calm.

“Yes, I have done so because I want to devote my professional life to spreading love from the depths of my heart to people all over the globe. Because of the idiocy of these individuals who are trying to pull me, I’m not going to make it. I have to get rid of those spirits that keep haunting me “was one of the numerous tweets that he responded to on a daily basis.


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