I see you in the future, but at night, says Paulina Rubio to Galilea Montijo in Hoy

Galilea Montijooo
Galilea Montijooo

The “Chica Dorada” took part in a dynamic in which the morning hosts of Televisa sang some of their hits.

During the final hours of February 23, Paulina Rubio was positioned among the main trends of social networks by a statement in which Erik Rubn and Andrea Legarreta announced their separation after nearly 23 years of marriage.

Galilea Montijo presume amistad con Paulina Rubio (VIDEO)

Many Internet users joked about how the Golden Girl and Alejandra Guzmán, the singer’s ex-girlfriends, would have reacted if they found out about the split.

In the midst of the scandal, the 51-year-old singer-songwriter debuted her new tune It’s not my fault, which sparked controversy owing to the coincidental timing of the unexpected thunder.

Cuando Galilea Montijo traía el pelo rubio dejó qué desear

Despite the jokes and caustic comments that reignited her love triangle with her old Timbiriche partner, she began marketing her song in nothing more and nothing less than Today.

His outstanding performance on Televisa coincided with Andrea Legarreta’s absence, who has been in voluntary imprisonment since March 13 after testing positive for COVID-19.

Galilea Montijo confiesa que padece una enfermedad que le afectará "para  siempre" - Noticias de El Salvador

As expected, throughout her stay she avoided talking about the cordial split of her youthful ex-boyfriend with the morning host and instead opened up about the loss of her mother, Susana Dosamantes .

He participated as a judge in a dynamic where the drivers sang some of his hits as a soloist after counting down to the slightest detail of his new song.

Galilea Montijo revela que le detectaron enfermedad con la que tendrá que  lidiar de por vida | Noticias de México | EL IMPARCIAL

It was precisely in that space that she made some scathing remarks about Galilea Montijo‘s interpretation, which she explained after a few seconds to avoid trouble.

The Golden Girl chose “woman” as the first word for the presenters to explore through her extensive repertoire and sing a song where she named it.

Andrea Legarreta se ausenta de Hoy y llega Paulina Rubio

Andrea Escalona sung I am not that lady in this context, while Galilea Montijo addressed a few words to all the women before interpreting Not a single word.

“”I look like Pau’s drag,” the Guadalajara host laughed as her participation ended, but the former Timbiriche ignored it and began her criticism: “I like that she comes out ahead of the ring, that she has hair like my aunt Amanda Miguel, and that she is prettier than me in the morning, that is, I see you in the future, but at night “.

Tachan hipócrita a Galilea Montijo por llorar con Andrea Legarreta

“There in Insurgentes,” Ral Araiza explained. “In Sullivan,” Galilea Montijo continued.

Before the cast of Hoy’s comments, Paulina Rubio took the floor and revealed what her genuine goal was: “Hey, no. Don’t pass judgment because there is no such thing as an unattractive work here.”

Andrea Legarreta revela toda la verdad sobre el DESAIRE de Paulina Rubio en  "HOY" | El Heraldo de México

The crew and conductors both applauded Paulina Rubio’s statements, and the dynamic resumed without further ado. Andrea Escalona, 51, commented on her brief interpretation, saying, “I enjoyed the moment of stepping on the piano with everything, you already feel famous, I notice you have a heel on top of your shoe.”

Tania Rincón also sang Yo no soy esa mujer during the competition, Paul Stanley sang I will do it for you, and Arath de la Torre closed with Amor de mujer.

Tras ser "despedido", querido conductor "regresa" a Hoy y se integra al  equipo de Andrea Legarreta | El Heraldo de México

Paulina Rubio had already finished her intervention in Canta la canción when the conductors asked in unison that she sing another song and set the tone for everyone to chant “mine, that man is mine, half but mine, mine mine, forever mine” .

The Golden Girl hit her chest with her fist while Tania Rincón, Galilea Montijo, Ral Araiza, Andrea Escalona, Paul Stanley, and Arath de la Torre sang at the top of their lungs.

Con triste mensaje, Galilea Montijo confirma salida de querida conductora  de Hoy: "Suerte" | El Heraldo de México

That song, which Paulina dedicated to Erik Rubn when they were dating, was the moment that drew the most attention from the public.

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