Livia Brito recalls her difficult beginnings at Televisa

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Livia Brito 2 1 e1642185068698

Although she had remarkable attractiveness, this did not promise the actress an easy road on television, thus Livia Brito is well aware of what she has gone through.

According to Livia Brito, who recalls the persecution she endured during her early days on Televisa, the actress went through incredibly difficult moments when she first reached the spotlight.

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In a previous interview on the YouTube show “Pinky Promise,” the star of “La Piloto,” “I love you, I love you,” and other previous productions discussed the difficult episodes she went through to become a famous actress.

It was not easy for the Havana-born woman to deal with the hurdles she encountered, and not just when acting situations that demanded a certain feeling. According to Livia Brito, the most difficult thing was her working relationship with one of her colleagues behind the scenes.

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The star of recent melodramas such as ” La Desalmada ” and “Mujer de nadie” which she made before taking a sabbatical in her career, recounts some of the ill-treatment she received: “They made me pay the right to a flat,” said the likewise actress of the work: “The Postman”.

Even now, he recalls a poor decision by the floor manager, who, at the time “and I say it here publicly,” referenced the 36-year-old “model “.

Livia Brito

“You took it too far. She sold scarves and hats, but I didn’t even have enough money to eat… She caused a scene all day because I didn’t purchase her stuff; I arrived at 7 a.m. and she didn’t serve me dinner until 9 p.m., Livia Brito Pestana assured.

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