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Who Is Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s Girlfriend? All The Couples Of The Actor From Castelló

The award-winning 40-year-old actor from Castellón keeps his private life away from the spotlight. He has been recently associated with the artist and architect Casilda López Quesada and with the ‘influencer’ Andrea Sesma

Miguel Angel Silvestres
Miguel Angel Silvestres

Miguel ngel Silvestre’s personal life has always been cloaked in secrecy. Despite his evident star power, the man Esquire named “Best National Actor” of 2022 is not a frequent fixture in the gossip press.

Some information gleaned from the man from Castellón’s recent vacation to London with a large group of acquaintances, including a friend with whom he has been romantically linked, may help us determine the man’s emotional state.

Belén López y Miguel Ángel Silvestre se conocieron en el rodaje de la película 'La distancia'.

Specifically, Silvestre and the artist and architect Casilda López Quesada experienced some steamy moments in London, evidence of which can be found in a series of photos posted by the former on his various social media accounts. When Miguel ngel Silvestre went back to Spain he did not shy away from discussing his new romance.

Taken at face value, the actor’s comments suggest the current direction of the shoot is not one of nostalgic romanticism. Silvestre was eager to emphasise, “Cas (Casilda) is my friend,” as he was incredibly proud of his close friend’s professional achievements: “She has managed to reach the most prominent architecture firm in the world, which is Norman Foster’s firm and is my friend.” “And I appreciate her as much as I enjoy any of my pals,” the actor said.

En la actualidad parece que ambos actores no se llevan especialmente bien pese al vínculo que les unió en su día.

When asked if he would be open to starting over as a pair, the man from Castelló said, “The truth is that I say it many times but I trust that life offers you what it has to give you at all times.” Feeling ready to get ready. A time will come when I hope for more, but for now I am content.

The women throughout Miguel ngel Silvestre’s life

Despite not having any of his own, the actor, who will turn 41 in April, has a close relationship with his nephews, with whom he frequently poses for photos. There are no known descendants of “El Duque,” although he has had his fair share of girlfriends and is now considered a “golden bachelor” of homegrown entertainment.

La ruptura entre Albania y Silvestre fue amistosa atendiendo a las palabras de la primera.

The Sevillian actress was Miguel ngel Silvestre’s first known lover. She was 12 years older than the actor. Although their romance didn’t last long, they remain good friends after meeting on the set of the film “La distancia” (picture).

Miss Blanca Suarez

Blanca Suárez, who was Miguel ngel Silvestre’s professional colleague, was with him for around three years, from 2011 to 2014. The Madrid native, now 34, has been related to actors Joel Bosqued and Mario Casas and has co-starred with Castelló in several films, including The Pelayos and Los amantes pasajeros by Pedro Almodóvar.

Pistacho, the dog currently residing with Blanca Suárez, was a gift from Silvestre. It would appear that their relationship is currently less than amicable.

Amplify |

The actor’s relationship with Albania Sagarra began somewhere between 2017 and 2018. After their breakup, the young Spanish actress said of her ex-partner, “I wanted to clarify that Miguel ngel and I are no longer together.” They both happened to be in Los Angeles at the same time.

It’s true that he’s been a wonderful friend and mentor to me, and that we enjoyed many pleasant times together, but now days our lives are on very different paths.

Blanca Suárez in Bathing Suit is "200 Meters High" in Dubai — Celebwell

The young woman also emphasised the lasting beauty of their friendship, saying, “He motivated me to be best actress, best artist, and most of all, best person, so for that I am forever thankful. I have no animosity toward him; in fact, we get along famously. My whole family, including my parents, is close to him because he is a friend of theirs. There has been no change in circumstances, but I felt the need to explain. My best wishes go out to him.

Patricia Guirado

The next lady Silvestre was associated to was 24-year-old model and actress Patricia Guirado. Actually, pictures of their intimate connection were made public.

A Spanish Star is Born. An Interview to the novel actress… | by Javier Bisbal Perez | Medium

The American only said, “She is extremely lovely, very affectionate, and she is a very dear friend of mine,” when asked about the man from Castelló. Guirado would keep in touch with scar, Mario Casas’s brother, for the time being.

In honour of Claudia Ruiz

Claudia Ruiz, a companion of Anita Matamoros, was Miguel ngel Silvestre’s next confirmed fling.

La 'influencer' está embarazada en la actualidad, pero no precisamente de 'El Duque'.

They were discovered being very affectionate in public, but all indications are that their relationship did not last.

Sesma Andrea

Iker Muniain, a striker for Athletic Club of Bilbao, was photographed kissing and cuddling with a blonde woman last May. The woman was probably Andrea Sesma, 28, his ex-partner and the mother of his two children. Silvestre was spotted holding her hand and kissing her on the streets of Madrid.

La 'infuencer' tiene dos hijos en común con su anterior pareja, el jugador del Athletic Iker Muniain.

A little over a year ago, Andrea Sesma, a football fan from Bilbao, ended her relationship with a player for the Navarrese national team. They tied the knot in Bilbao in 2017, and their union has produced two children: Iker, seven, and Claudia, who will turn four this year.

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