Alicia Machado and her perspective of what it means to be attractive at 46

Alicia Machado
Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado has a unique relationship with beauty, which explains her recent remarks about what she wants men to notice about her and her criticism of the new Miss Universe criteria.

Interestingly, the winner of that tournament in 2016, a Venezuelan actress and businesswoman, justifies her method with reasoning.

Alicia Machado And Her Concept Of What It Means To Be Beautiful At 46 - S Chronicles

She said this in an interview with Yahoo Vida y Estilo to promote ‘Juego de Mentiras,’ a Telemundo network series in which she plays Senator Alejandra Edwards, a Mexican-American woman who “despite the fact that she is very beautiful on the outside, she has ugliness on the inside,” said Machado, who expressed gratitude for “the opportunity to create a villain with such complexity, narcissistic, obsess

Those final two characteristics are part of what he admires in women and believes are necessary for winning a beauty pageant, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore what you’re searching for.

Alicia Machado: Hotness at its best Miss India | Femina Miss India 2015

“I will never undervalue beauty. Because of this, I have been able to accomplish everything I have in my life. It was what paved the way for me “Machado, who does not realize that analyzing attractiveness is a poor idea, explained. in a competition specifically built for that.

Such was his intention when he questioned the pressures placed on Miss Universe contestants under the new regulations, a competition he won when he was only 19 years old.

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“I’ve always been really angry about the fact that they keep criticizing us, pointing us out and categorizing us as white, black, obese, short, and discriminating against us for everything… Now they are also going to discriminate against us because of our brains, It’s a beauty pageant,” he said at the time and repeated it: “The perfect woman doesn’t exist.”

in his prime

Without a question, Alicia Machado is still a stunning woman. The Venezuelan began to approach 50 after turning 40, but she guarantees that she is “better than she has been in many years,” physically, emotionally, and intellectually. She claims this is due to her participation in the inaugural season of ‘The House of the Famous,’ a reality show on Telemundo that she also won last year.

“It was an opportunity for me to’reset’ myself in every manner. I was able to focus on training and eating healthy after losing weight. When we were separated inside La Casa, a lot of pressure lifted and I was able to focus on myself. It took three months off to transform my life “He stated.

Alicia Machado: 'What I've Learned About Body Positivity Since Being Insulted by Donald Trump' | Women's Health

Machado says she needs it “more than ever” after battling severe depression and fibromyalgia, as well as gaining and losing weight.

“Today, I learned that being attractive means being well and at ease. I believe that if all women learn to see themselves in this light, we will be able to perceive ourselves how we wish.

Again! Alicia Machado remembers the "hell" that was her reign- Últimas Noticias

To think that we must first look nice and that this will bring us health, peace, or self-esteem is to sentence ourselves to failure “He stated.

It is the source of his current stability and beauty, according to him. “What you see on the outside is exactly how I feel,” she said.

A very sensual Latina senator

Machado had been away from soap operas for eight years before he received the invitation to work on ‘Juego de Mentiras’. His latest melodrama appearance was in 2015, when he appeared in ‘Lo Imperdonable,’ a Televisa production that blended the screenplays of ‘La mentira’ from 1965 and ‘Lo unforgivable’ from 1975.

Alicia Machado y su secreto para lucir una figura espectacular

When he finished, he departed Mexico City after completing the film ‘Juan Diego, the Indian of Guadalupe’ and proceeded to Spain to film ‘Juan Pablo Apóstol, the most cherished’.

He relocated to Los Angeles with a fresh determination to make it in Hollywood. He appeared in the films ‘I have slain my husband!’ and ‘Atonement: The Shack Ghost’ while there.


Alicia Machado: por qué se volvió un infierno haber sido coronada Miss Universo | Celebs de Estados Unidos | nnda nnlt | FAMA | MAG.

She eventually opted to live in the Miami region, where she has a strong community that embraces her and where she acquired an apartment in Miami Beach, using the money she earned at ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’.

The opportunity to inhabit the skin of Alejandra Edwards appeared. Alicia Machado was inspired to create the character by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, the daughter of Puerto Ricans who represents the state of New York in the House of Representatives.

Alicia Machado looks attractive on the inside and without any top

“I truly enjoy that girl’s energy; I wrote a lot about her courage and the way she expresses herself,” she said. “Even though she’s a villain, she’s part of the character’s beauty.”

Machado had multiple bed scenes in ‘Game of Lies,’ mostly with Mexican actor Pepe Gámez, who plays a gardener named Chuy. He also had to draw on his experiences as a Latina spokesperson in Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as his character is running for re-election.

Alicia Machado: "There will always be controversy, I carry that medal"

This underlined his rejection of politics while also emphasizing his need to continue speaking out for women because, as he stated, “I have not bought that thing that you have to be politically correct.”

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