Humberto Zurita’s rumoured romance with Rebecca de Alba gets a response from the actress.

Rebecca de Alba was taken aback when rumours surfaced that she’s dating actor Humberto Zurita for the first time.

Rebecca De Alba And Humberto Zurita

A few days ago, reports surfaced that Rebecca de Alba and Humberto Zurita were engaged in a romantic connection. When confronted with these claims, the host went on the defensive, saying that she and the actor, whom she has known for several years, are just friends.

According to reports that surfaced on several social networks, the model had begun a relationship with actor Humberto Zurita. Surprised by this knowledge, the model used an interview with ‘Ventaneando’ to debunk this version. Despite the fact that they are both unmarried, she has no idea where this erroneous knowledge came from.

While she claims to have romance with me on her website, I can assure you that we do not have romance at all. As I go about my work, I wonder where that storey could have originated from, because no, I think she’s a terrific actor who’s extremely busy with her ‘Queen of the South’ project “She went on to clarify.

And she admits that the sole tie that connects them is a friendship that began more than three decades ago, when she had an affair with the late singer and composer Leonardo de Lozanne and lived with the late actress of Argentine descent Christian Bach.

“I first ran with him and Christian 35 years ago while working on a project together. When I was dating Leonardo (de Lozanne), I was in Acapulco, and Christian and Humberto appeared out of nowhere. After a few years of not seeing one other, it became clear that they had moved away from Mexico “, she recalled with a shudder.

Last but not least, before the same cameras of Tv Azteca, the actress and current host of ‘Master chef Celebrity’ revealed that the pandemic had interrupted a romance that was just beginning with a man who is completely alien to the artistic medium, but she would be willing to resume the relationship if it arose again: “I would like myself the opportunity to go out with this Architect again,” she added.


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