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Ninel Conde 7
ninel conde 7

Ninel Conde maintains a spectacular figure at 45 years old and it is not only due to her genetics, but the Mexican trains hard and eats very healthy. On Instagram, she publishes a lot of content about her exercise routine and in these photos, she can be seen in her natural state since she has no problem showing herself without makeup.

One of the last publications that he made in this style was a few days ago, in which he said that in December she always breaks her diet to enjoy the Christmas and New Year’s table. “That’s why we can’t neglect the gym. So he left you three exercises that are in my weekly routine and you can do them at home, without needing weights,” she advised.

And she added: “First, squats. They improve posture, we exercise legs and tone the booty! They are great for training the lower body. Another exercise that I love is abdominals. They improve our resistance, balance, and our abs. And we can’t Let’s forget about the upper body. My favorite exercise to work on it is push-ups or push-ups, you don’t only work arms but many other parts of the body… An all in one!”

The actress born in Toluca de Lerdo likes to share her gym secrets with her followers to convey consistency with training and make everyone fit. Ninel Conde goes to the gym every day because it keeps her energized, healthy and often jokes that it helps her “to lose that sweet that she ate too much.”

What happened to Ninel Conde’s husband?

The last few weeks were not easy for Ninel Conde, especially since her husband, Larry Ramos, was accused of fraud by the Mexican justice system and decided to flee to the United States. The FBI asked for help to locate the Colombian businessman who was denounced by almost 200 people, but his whereabouts are still unknown.

The man had several opportunities to solve his legal situation, when he paid a bail of almost $50,000 dollars to be given house arrest and not go to jail. In addition, they confiscated his passport to avoid the risk of flight, he could not leave home, and it was made clear to him that he could not go to an airport, something that he violated when he accompanied Ninel Conde several times to take a plane.

Larry Ramos had an anklet that sent signals to the police to confirm that he was at home, but he managed to take it off and for months no one has known where he is. For her part, the actress assured that she never knew about her husband’s financial dealings and that she has not communicated with him since she left the house. Do you believe her?

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