First trailer of ‘Avengers 4 Endgame’ surprises with tears from Captain America

avenger 4
avenger 4

Avengers 4 premiered its first official trailer on the Russo brothers’ Twitter, which paralyzed Marvel fans by displaying incredible images of the long-awaited movie.

First trailer of 'Avengers 4 Endgame' surprises with tears from Captain America

The end of the wait for the official trailer of Marvel. Despite the official announcement, Avengers 4 premiered its first official trailer early through the account of the Russo brothers, who shared the expected video with a curious message: “For those who have been here since the beginning. have united on the road, for the best fans of the universe, this trailer is for you … With much love and gratitude for your patience, The RB’s “, indicates the text shared with the tape on Twitter.

The video begins with a farewell message from Iron Man, who runs out of food and oxygen in the abandoned ship in the middle of space, while the other Avengers mourn what happened, including Captain America appears crying.

Previous information
Avengers 4, which is just a few hours away from officially launching its trailer to the delight of its millions of fans around the world, who are waiting for new details from the Marvel film, which will deal with what happened after the annihilation of the half of the universe after the snap of Thanos with the power of the gems of Infinity.

The first official advance of the new film of the Avengers comes to an end this Friday, December 7, since it was initially expected that the 5 will reach the web platforms, but ended up being postponed due to the funeral of George HW Bush, president number 41 of United States, who died at age 94, so the premiere was postponed.

Avengers 4 trailer schedule

06:00: USA (C.O.).
08:00: MEXICO.
3:00 PM: SPAIN.

The title of Avengers 4
As it is remembered, the official title would also be revealed in the expected advance, since so far the fans have as their main name Avengers: Annihilation, but has not received a confirmation that strengthens that appointment.

Avengers 4 could become the most successful film of Marvel, since Avengers: Infinity War managed to make more than 2 billion dollars of fundraising around the world, becoming the fourth most successful movie in history.

End of Infinity War

Infinity War ended with the disappearance of half of the Avengers, who fell in battle after the snap of Thanos, so many theories have emerged about it that could bring the whole team flying.

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