Fight between Nodal and J Balvin would be real and not a marketing strategy, according to a source

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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J. Balvin
J. Balvin

The singers who are currently playing on music billboards such as Christian Nodal and J Balvin, each in their genres, are publicly starring in a fight through their social networks. However, many of his followers indicated that it could be a marketing strategy to launch a collaboration or projects together, but a source close to the regional music exponent pointed out that “it was very real.”

In the discussion, another of the Colombian’s rivals was mentioned, such as Residente, with whom he had already had some friction a few months ago and who even made a song to express his discontent with the interpreter of “Azul”.

It all started when Nodal made a joke about his resemblance to J Balvin due to his tattoos and the blonde color of his hair, which was the same Colombian who responded with a video using the filter of Belinda, his ex-girlfriend. According to a source close to the Mexican, the musician was upset for referring to his ex-girlfriend. “[Christian] didn’t like it. They don’t have any projects together, it was all real,” he noted.

Fight Between Nodal And J Balvin Would Be Real And Not A Marketing Strategy, According To A Source

“These people did not wake up joking, they woke up without taking their pills because it is not at all consistent that the bastard has a documentary talking about peace, mental health, vibes, and energy, but in his account that he has millions and millions of energy went up a photo to make fun of me, “said the Mexican.

“And there is no right to do those things, you have to use the networks well. This dude hasn’t learned, he kicked you in the ass Residente and you didn’t learn, I think you liked it. You are a benchmark for everything wrong in this industry. Do you want to tease? Do you want to make people laugh? Just sing live on your Instagram, carnal, don’t upload things of mine from people you don’t know, asshole. What is the use of arriving at your concerts full, super full, if your music does not fill anything, ” he asserted in his Instagram story?

It is not the first time that Nodal has made headlines since a few weeks ago he uploaded a conversation with Belinda asking for money to fix her teeth and help her parents. His fans criticized his behavior for revealing private situations in the relationship.

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