Enrique Iglesias and the difficult relationship he has with his father

Julio Iglesias’ son has experienced moments of tension with his father.


MEXICO CITY.- Enrique Iglesias has managed to consolidate a successful musical career; However, he has never wanted to hang on to his father’s last name, Julio Iglesias, – Enrique Iglesias father since the relationship between the two has not been good.

The interpreter of “Bailando ” had to get ahead on his own, as he was forced to hide his intentions to become a singer like him from his father, which would have generated a fracture between the two of them.


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It was in the 90’s when Enrique ventured into music as “Religious Experience”, “I’ll never forget you” and “In love for the first time”. However, this would have cost him his relationship with Julio , since the latter was infuriated because he had signed with a label to produce his first album. Enrique Iglesias father

This was related by Enrique himself in an interview with Telefe, where he recalled that he did not know how to tell his father about his debut album.

“At 18 I signed a record contract and it was an adventure, I came back to Miami and it was one of those things that said that tomorrow I was going to tell my father, it came tomorrow, I didn’t tell him.”

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The discussion would have marked the decline of their relationship, so much so that, at first, he decided to remove the last name Iglesias to stand out in music on his own.

This discussion, rather than diminishing his desire to sing, only prompted him to follow his dreams no matter what.

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“At the beginning of my career, when he told me that I was not going to achieve it, he would push me and make me angry, that for me was a challenge and I have always been very competitive. My father and I physically do not see each other much, but when we see each other we do it with great pleasure ”.

Currently, although they do not frequent each other much, their relationship improved a little and there is a mutual respect between the two.

“There are times that I see him on television talking and it seems that I have been 30 years ago, how he raises people, how he hugs them.”

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