Eva Mendes talks about her insecurities and feeling ugly in her youth

Leena Wadia
Leena Wadia
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Copyright Photo By Mary Evans
Copyright Photo by Mary Evans

Los Angeles California. – American actress and model of Cuban descent, Eva Mendes , recently shared a photograph on her personal Instagram account that is a capture from the 2003 film Once Upon a Time in Mexico .

In it, the actress reflects on how she felt at that time regarding her physique, revealing that she had certain insecurities that she was able to overcome over the years.

In the photo, the actress was 26 years old and, as she admits, many insecurities that have disappeared today did not make her feel happy or satisfied with her appearance.

I remember seeing this photo then and thinking that my face looked “strange” and that my bone structure was strange, you know, all those insecurities that a young woman of that age can have, “said the actress.

To which he added that 20 years later he wishes he still had “those strange features”, telling his followers that, if they hate some photos of them, they will probably love her in 20 years, reflects Mendes .

Eva Mendes Recalls Feeling Her Face Was 'Weird' At 26; Says 'Now I Wish I  Still Had That 'Odd' Bone Structure'

Finally, the actress decided to close the post with a phrase from the playwright George Bernard Shaw , who says: “Youth is wasted on young people.

The photo, which has more than 100,000 “likes”, has hundreds of positive comments about her appearance, as her followers assure that the actress has always remained beautiful.

“Beautiful then and now”, “This is exactly why I am going through my 25s, thank you for sharing this”, “You are beautiful as always, but more importantly, strong, intelligent, healthy, loved, loving and wonderful”, “I think you are still looking the same ”,“ You are a classic beauty ”, are some of the opinions that Internet users left in the publication.

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