Belinda appears past of drinks in a bar and they say that she dedicated a heartbreak song to Christian Nodal

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Although several months have passed since Belinda and Christian Nodal put an end to their relationship, fans are waiting for any small detail to link them or ensure that they miss each other.

In this case, it was Belinda, who was captured while enjoying a different night in a bar in Spain, her homeland. She not only took the opportunity to have some social drinks, but she also did not miss an opportunity to share her talent with those present.

Belinda Y Christian Nodal

In a video that was published by the “Gossip, No Like” program, the singer is seen sitting at one of the local tables, with the microphone in her hand, very inspired, interpreting the song “Like someone who loses a star.”, a success of Alejandro Fernández.

“I want my cry to be heard, how it hurt me to lose you, after loving you so much. Oh, after loving her so much, Diosito give me the consolation to get out of this thing that is killing me…”, was part of the theme that Belinda sang while it was filmed by all those present.

The Spanish woman appears in a black dress, which although it is not well appreciated due to the distance from the shot, it can be seen that she has a heart-shaped neckline on her chest. While she sings the heartfelt theme, she also accompanies her interpretation with very heartrending gestures.

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The video exceeds 80 thousand reproductions in the program account and exploded with hundreds of comments. “Sing beautifully”, “That does not mean that I sing to him”, “The net seems to me that she sings very well”, “How beautiful, Belinda is very talented”, “Whatever they say she has talent, what a voice so beautiful”, “She sings very well, she should be launched with mariachis ”, were some of the messages that her fans left her.

But also, many comments focused on questioning that all Belinda’s actions have to do with her ex-partner. “They go too far, you can’t have a little song anymore because you’re already drunk and hurt”, “It couldn’t be that she wanted to show a good show, a little song, ah nooo according to the journalists she is singing to a guy she left with ago time already”, “Now Belinda can not do anything because everything is for Nodal, enough of the subject”, others questioned.

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