Chiquis Rivera’s spectacular musical successes in Mexico

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera‘s “Queen Bee Tour 2.0″ began in Mexico City, where she ruled from the stage.

Last Tuesday, March 28, the ” Queen Bee Tour ” returned, the tour that coincided with the release of his most recent studio album, ” Queen Bee “, after a little respite in December and family gatherings, he prepared for this new chapter in his career.

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What better place to begin than in Mexico! Land that supported and witnessed her mother’s career flourish from her Jenni Rivera, just as they support her daughter’s from her Chiquis Rivera, for which the singer expressed gratitude in a social media post.

Chiquis Rivera began her description of her publishing with the words:


“Mexico!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t get over it!!! Thank you!!!!! THANK YOU for strapping MY songs!!!!! 

@bandaabejareina are cool!!!!! 

@lunariomx thanks for give me the opportunity to be able to sing to my audience in Mexico.”


The 37-year-old businesswoman attached a video of herself showing off from the stage while the audience chanted the hit “Because I am Queen Bee,” with the singer’s face filled with emotion and amazement.

CLICKING HERE you can see the publication.

Leaving aside the fact that this is the first date of the tour and it was a success, as were ticket sales, which were sold out, Chiquis Rivera began her tour on the wrong foot.

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