Georgina Rodriguez is dressed in a Kim Kardashian-style girdle

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez, the model, wears an extremely tight reducing girdle in the style of Kim Kardashian to maintain an amazing silhouette, but is it advisable?

Georgina Rodriguez, a gorgeous model, follows Kim Kardashian’s lead and wears a slimming girdle as part of her ensembles to maintain her attractive silhouette. Is it, however, advisable to implement fashion?


Georgina Rodriguezz


Since the rise of the American socialite, the famous “waist training,” which consists of wearing girdles or lowering corsets as an additional garment, has become popular.

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It is a way of shaping the area between the hips and the rib cage with frontal and oblique abdominals while wearing these clothes, often known as “tighlancing” or waist training. Georgina Rodriguez has been doing this for a long time.


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And it is stated that these light material shapers help define the silhouette; nevertheless, health professionals do not encourage it because it is related with health problems such as bladder infections, venous congestion, respiratory problems, and even constipation in the long run.

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