Chiquis Rivera enjoys dancing on the floor in her small shorts

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera, the singer, enchants on stage with small shorts and floor dancing, putting on quite a show.

The singer Chiquis Rivera returned to Mexico City last Tuesday, March 28, to provide a spectacular start to her music project, the 37-year-old musician was delighted with the emotion and warmth of the public that shared portions of the finest of the night.


Dancing in transparent leggings, Chiquis Rivera loses her shame


After a few beers and guided by the rhythm of her band Abeja Reina’s songs, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter liked showing off from the stage like a genuine queen, showing off her curvy form in denim shorts and a T-shirt with the hive colors.

Chiquis Rivera balanced a glass of drink on her head, wiggled, and even squatted without effort, all while the glass remained firmly in place! Developing into a fantastic concert for the Mexicans in attendance.


Chiquis Rivera 1


The public’s eagerness to see the interpreter of “Entre besos y copas” was so palpable that she began her second leg of the tour with a sold out, that’s right, the tickets were all sold out, everyone in attendance appreciated the concert, and they showed a lot of support to the singer.

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