Pathaan Sets A New Record Just With The Advance Bookings Itself! Grossed 50cr and Counting!

Pathaan Sets A New Record Just With The Advance Bookings Itself! Grossed 50cr and Counting!

Not that it should come as a surprise to anybody because, helloo, it’s SHAH RUKH KHAN! And yet, even the die-hard fans are shocked with the way SRK and Deepika starrer Pathaan has grossed more than 5 lacs just in advanced bookings!

It’s a tight slap on those few who have been commenting things like, ‘’Nah, it won’t live up to the hype!’’ Well, how’d you beat THAT huh?

This latest from Yash Raj Films hit the cinemas today, just a day before Republic Day and experts are already expecting an opening of 50 cr at the box office, at the VERY least. 

Pathan Advance Bookings


So what was the actual breakup of the advanced bookings that the movie garnered in that 5 day extended period before today? Let’s take a quick look at that.

The number of advanced bookings that the movie received as of Wednesday grossed out at  Rs 50 Crores in 10,81,091 total number of tickets across India. Never has any other movie release enjoyed such a huge hype. But then, we call him King for a reason, don’t we?

If we break it up by country, the data will blow your mind –


Pathan USA

Pathan collected $728,000 in advance booking for its opening day in USA and Canada. Needless to say we expect the numbers to blow up further and set a 1 Million dollar mark on the first day itself. 

Pathan Australia

Australian fans aren’t far behind either. Pathan wiggled out $400,000 in advance bookings out of their pockets!

Pathan UK

It’s a shame though that the UK fell short of our southernmost continent where the numbers are concerned because as of now, we only have the data for the movie set for a $200,000 start in the UK. But let’s see how it scales up, because that’s a very major possibility. 

Pathan UAE

Then there are the Arabs that got their favorite superstar’s new movie above 2.7 Crores in advance!

Here’s a table for your benefit (but also because we love creating em!)

Country Expected Collection Actual Collection
USA $500,000 $728,000
UK $200,000 $400,000
UAE $500,000 $200,000
Australia 1 Cr 2.7 Cr


Pathaan Star Cast: Who Can You Expect To See?


Following such lengthy prayers to the cinema gods to bring us that magical duo of Om Shanti Om, us SRK fans can finally rest in peace knowing that if not more, we at least have one smashin’ hit with both Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan present on the big screen yet again! That, in itself, makes for a wonderful start to this year.


Then we have John Abraham with his brooding looks and a deceptively dimpled smile, in the role of a terrorist Alpha. Well, makes sense. Either a die-hard patriot or a will-blow-you-up run of the mill terror fanatic. No in-0between for this dude!

Then you have Ashutosh Rana and Dimple Kapadia to sweeten the deal further. All in all, it’s clear that the hype that all the many, many, MANY news-drops, trailers, songs, and fan-made edits built up in our minds for Pathaan won’t be for naught. It’s going to be epic, people. You’ll see!

Pathaan At A Glance


Here’s another one for you. All the details regarding Shah Rukh’s newest blockbuster, clubbed together. So stop hopping from one site to the other and look at this!

Movie Pathaan
Genre Action, Thriller, Romance
Director Siddhartha Aanand
Cast Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham
Music Vishal Dadlani
Run-Time 180 mins
Budget INR 250 cr.
Year 2023
Total Advance Collection (India) INR 50 cr.
Box Office Collection To Be Determined
OTT Release Date To Be Released

What do you think?

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