Pathaan Movie Trailer Review: Catch A Glimpse Of The Blazing Espionage That’s All Set To Rule 2023!

Rashi Gautam
Rashi Gautam
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They have been teasing us here and there with the Pathaan movie name drop several months ago, a fan-made trailer that got us wondering if it’s actually happening or not, and then the news floating around confirming its release! 

Well, the tumultuous wait is finally over. YRF has released the official trailer for Shah Rukh Khan’s long-awaited movie. I wasn’t exactly surprised but then it’s an espionage. I expected there to be impressive shots of people going up and down a rope, gorgeous hair flicks, and those ‘do or die’ speeches! 

But what I did not expect was for it to look like a brown version of Fast and Furious 7. But more on that later. First, let’s dissect the trailer, scene by scene, shall we?

Pathan Trailer Intro

Pathaan Movie Trailer Review

Cue a voiceover by Dimple Kapadia (yep, there’s a shocker!) going on and on about how there’s a terrorist attack imminent on India and, guess what the group is called? Outfit X. Sounds more like a futuristic fashion brand than an organization of deadly terrorists to me, but fine, we’ll let that slide! 

So far, so good. We have established, through a series of concerned looks from Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana, that there’s going to be an attack and India needs to defend herself from it. As best as she can. Because these contract-based terrorist workers are superheaded by none other than John Abraham and man, that’s bad. That’s VERY bad. Because the movie doesn’t have the customary Nora Fatehi item number and Abraham is pissed about that!

‘’This isn’t a negotiation. It’s an ultimatum,’’ says John, from behind those dimples. Damn that guy!

Cue Pathaan’s Entry a.k.a Shah Rukh Khan

Pathaan Movie Trailer Review

Yeah, as Dimple Kapadia’s character puts it, it’s time for the sun to set on Pathaan’s exile. Now, this is where the trailer gets really interesting. 

Epic background music, shots of a rugged Shah Rukh Khan in action, and a goosebump-worthy dialogue – yeah, the movie’s definitely going to be a blast! 

The makers have truly worked hard, not only on the effects overall, but in trying to make look SRK a LOT younger than he actually is and in a few of the shots, it’s quite painfully obvious. But apart from that little hiccup, we are good. 

Deepika and SRK’s Teamwork

Pathaan Movie Trailer Review

As the trailer picks up speed, we get a few glimpses of Deepika Padukone working together with Pathaan to fight off the brutal forces that are threatening their home country. The reaction to their coming together after so many years is exactly how you’d expect it to be – people are nostalgic and secretly hope to witness the magic that they first saw in Om Shanti Om but let’s face it, that’s a pipe dream now. 

Pathan is, at its very core, a commercial movie and as long as you treat it that wary, you’ll have loads of fun; you’ll enjoy the somewhat corny dialogues and the over the top action scenes and effects. But the moment you expect the movie and its actors to take you back to golden years gone by, you’ll be bitterly disappointed. 

So my advice to you is to catch an early show of Pathaan on 25th January, ahead of everyone else you know because they might bring your excitement for it down with their lukewarm reviews. 

Have fun!


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