Blanca Suárez totally changes her look: she goes to brown with paraded bangs

Blanca Suarez

Blanca Suárez has it clear. A change is always well received and if it is to start the summer, all the better. With her, there are already many celebrities who have changed her image so far this year. She now wears it in a darker shade, without blonde streaks (as she used to wear before) and with bangs. Of course, she has cleaned up her hair very little, and her length remains practically the same as she wore until a few hours ago.

Are you also thinking of refreshing your image now that the weather is good? Surely the idea of ​​making a change has also crossed your mind. And if you don’t know how to do it, you should know that among the trend cuts for this year are bangs, in almost all their forms. This 2022 they wear very fashion shows and, thanks to the actress, we know that they look great. If cutting your bangs is in your intention, pay attention to what Mario Casas ‘ ex has done.

Blanca Suárez opts for the bangs and the result is wonderful

That the bangs are in fashion, is a fact, and in 2022 the bangs will continue to be one of the great trends as well. Many celebrities have put scissors in between and have dared with the most requested hairdressers of the moment. One of the first to embark on the adventure was María Pombo who dared with a bang in the purest French style that goes with all kinds of hair and face shapes.

Blanca, for her part, announced on her personal Instagram account that she had gone to Studio 25, one of her trusted salons, to refresh her hair. “Welcome summer 2022”, she wrote on her profile and on an image in which she showed the result. Thus, it leaves us with a somewhat different image than what we have seen now. She now wears bangs that fall just below her eyebrows. An asymmetrical cut, which is shorter in the central part of her forehead and is paraded towards the sides of her hair and that she has already worn on another occasion.

It is a modern and very stylish fringe, ideal for straight hair, but also for those that are slightly wavy. It also helps to make it look like you have more hair and, best of all, it greatly rejuvenates the face.


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