Belinda’s five most notorious scandals from her acting career

Belinda hd
Belinda hd

The singer has been involved in a number of issues, including relationships and mishaps in one of the most popular soap operas.

Since Belinda began her career as a child, she has developed a reputation as one of the most well-known singers and actresses in the entertainment industry.

Although she has been involved in other scandals as well, these are the five that have received the most attention.

Belinda has been a part of some of the most notorious scandals throughout her career, ranging from problems with the production of one of the most well-known soap operas to the contentious relationships she had prior to getting married to Christian Nodal.

The renowned interpreter’s five most contentious encounters are listed below, in order:


Belinda was already a television star when she abruptly left one of the most well-known soap operas of the time.

The young singer already had a full schedule and time was of the essence, so she was unable to continue the project despite new plans to extend it due to the program’s success.

The actress who replaced her, Daniela Luján, was allegedly involved in a brawl and she botched the production.

By playing “El Sapito,” they make fun of her

While playing the lead in the telenovela “Accomplices to the Rescue,” the singer performed a number of songs, but “El Sapito” became her most well-known song, which explains why she is still in demand for presentations.

The audience, though, insisted on singing that song repeatedly during a recent performance that Beli gave in Veracruz, to the point where Belinda became enraged.

“Are they going to beg for “El Capito?” he asked seriously, considering how many songs and years of career he had.

Since then, she has made fun of him for it.

Rivalry with Eiza González

We tell you everything you need to know about the actress Eiza Gonzalez who is conquering Hollywood
We tell you everything you need to know about the actress Eiza Gonzalez who is conquering Hollywood

It is believed that the two actresses engaged in a “war of hints” a few years ago because Eiza at the time posted an Instagram image on her Twitter account that featured a jacket by designer Alexander McQueen.

A few hours later, Belinda polled her Instagram followers on whether they thought she should show up to an event wearing Moschino or McQueen.

Later, Eiza sent a message bearing the subject: “Like this, or am I being more careful about what I do?

Belinda said, “While you are coming, I already went, I completed 3 laps, and I came back,” and I laughed, #FUNNY.

Given this, fans claimed that the celebrities got into an argument on social media, but the argument continued when González was spotted with Belinda’s ex-boyfriend, footballer Giovani Dos Santos, with whom things did not work out.

Criss Angel and love

Criss Angel - YouTube

The relationship Beli had with the well-known illusionist was one of her most contentious courtships because, in addition to the fact that he is 22 years older than her, the two also had a passionate, fleeting, and unhappily short—just a little over a year—romance.

Criss publicly announced their breakup on social media and suggested that she had cheated on him: “Sincerity must always exist because love does not cost anything.

The magic-maker said, “The master of deceit gained from that lesson while I lost millions.

Pati Chapoy’s Battle

Qué pasará con “Ventaneando” después que Pati Chapoy estrene canal en YouTube - Infobae

According to the show Ventaneando, Belinda gave some concertgoers alcohol in 2017.

When the driver Pati Chapoy noticed this, she crossed out the artist’s attitude and even mentioned how it appeared she had also given her pet alcohol.

Belinda was furious about this and wrote the journalist a letter to let her know that she would not be able to do that to her pet and that she would refuse to conduct another interview with her.

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