Cosmetic Surgery Brings Your Smile Back At Age 25

Leena Wadia
Leena Wadia
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Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery

Stefanie Grant was born with a deformed jaw. At age 11, doctors diagnosed this severe mutation in the lower part of her face, subjecting her to the extraction of up to 7 teeth and the need to wear a dental appliance until she was 23 years old.

Stefanie could not smile due to a malformed jaw

Cosmetic Surgery

One of the consequences of the illness that affected Stefanie the most was the fact that she could not smile. The musculature of her jaw did not allow her to perform this gesture, so she always seemed sad.

Due to this malformation, Stefanie had an asymmetrical face, which made her an easy target for her classmates, who made fun of her because of her long face and because, in addition, she could not smile, eat or speak well in some occasions.

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