Belinda: The singer shares her insights about how she keeps up her gorgeous physique

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Leena Wadia
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Belinda 77
belinda 77

The singer and actress discussed her new phase of life in Spain and shared her weight-loss secret.

Belinda has earned a reputation in the entertainment industry for her remarkable beauty, her musical prowess, and the shows she has appeared in.

The interpreter of Bella Traición decided to concentrate on her creative profession and started talking about her comeback to acting after appearing in a contentious breakup with Christian Nodal.

Belinda astonished her fans by disclosing her weight-loss secret in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine while discussing this new phase of her life.

Belinda said she doesn’t adhere to any particular diet but places a high value on exercise, so she sees the significance of continuing to be active to burn more calories.

“I don’t follow a diet; I like everything. Being active throughout the day is crucial, in my opinion, as it helps you burn calories. I try to look after myself and eat ‘well,’ but I don’t follow a diet,” the singer admitted.

Belinda Y Su Rutina Fitness (De Ejercicio Y Dieta) Con La Moldea Su Cuerpo  | Glamour

She acknowledged that she does not have a regular eating schedule and that she frequently gets up early to eat when she has trouble falling asleep.

“They say, and I believe it to be true, that the later you eat, the hungrier you get, and vice versa. When I become hungry around two in the morning, I like to check the refrigerator to see what’s inside, she said.

Belinda concluded by saying that despite having an attractive physique, she enjoys eating a lot and typically has the infamous “illness of the pig,” as she frequently feels the need to snooze after meals.

“I feel like sleeping after I eat. We’re already on the last course of dessert when I ask, “Oh, may we take a little nap?”, yet not! It is at this point that you must maximize your efforts, so Belinda said, “Another coffee right now.

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