Belinda reveals details about her connection with Christian Nodal

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More than five months after her separation from Nodal, Belinda broke the silence about how her relationship with the Mexican regional singer was and how she is after the breakup. Sonora/Mexico City, June 6 (ProyectoPuente/SinEmbargo).- The singer and actress Belinda granted an interview for Vogue Spain magazine in which she spoke about her professional and private life, giving her first official statement since the end of her commitment to Christian Nodal. It was the journalist Eva Blanco Medina who asked her directly: “Have you regretted having exposed a certain part of your sentimental intimacy in the media?”, a question that the interpreter of “Luz singravida” answered: “Of course, a hundred percent. And she would never do it again.”

“Yes, I regret, and I say it from the heart, for having exposed that topic as I did,” said Belinda, according to the magazine, referring to the interviews that the couple gave to Tv Azteca during the recording of the program La Voz  in 2020.

“But hey, that’s life. I chose wrong, which makes everything even worse. Can you put ‘fucked up’ in Vogue? Well, let me screw it up. In all aspects ”, she ended her interview with Eva Blanco.


Last February, through his stories on Instagram, Christian Nodal confirmed that his engagement and courtship with the singer Belinda ended.

“To all my fans and friends of the press I want to share that we have decided to end our commitment and our relationship as a couple, each taking the best of the other. With much gratitude for having accompanied us during this time, ”Nodal’s letter begins and continues.

“I ask for respect for the decision we have made, where each one will live their separation process in their own way and always wishing each other the best for the happy times lived and those of trial as well,” Christian is sincere. The statement ends with a message to the media about how he, and allegedly Belinda, will end up handling this issue:

Belinda and Christian met when they were both coaches for La Voz México, although they hid it at first, they ended up recognizing it. Months later they told the world that they had gotten engaged, that they dreamed of getting married and starting a family. After the events, neither of the two artists had declared anything about it. Currently, the interpreter of “Adiós Amor” is in a relationship with the rapper Cazzu and continues to be involved in controversy due to her behavior at various concerts and her changes in appearance.

While Belinda is in Spain with various music and television projects, such as the Netflix series  Welcome to Eden.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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