Anitta will undergo surgery after being diagnosed with endometriosis

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Brazilian Singer Anitta
Brazilian singer Anitta

Brazilian singer Anitta, one of the most recognized Latin pop artists, announced this Friday that she will undergo surgery after being diagnosed with endometriosis.

“The pain is so strong that you want to do everything to make it go away,” Anitta confessed in a series of messages posted on her Twitter profile, in which she explains the crises she has experienced over the last 9 years of her life. for that problem.

He stated that endometriosis, a gynecological disease that causes chronic pelvic pain, “is very common among women” and generates “several side effects” depending on each body.

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“They can spread to the bladder and cause terrible pain when urinating. There are several treatments, mine will have to be surgery,” he said.

The Brazilian star did not specify the exact date on which he will go through the operating room, but commented that he is already “counting the days” for it.

He advanced that, after the operation, he will not be able to “make much effort” during the following month, for which he has been forced to “cancel” many events that he already had scheduled.

“But it was that or die of pain, not only after the (sexual) act, but also when I menstruate. We needed to react quickly. 9 years of suffering,” he added.

Likewise, he took the opportunity to make a call for “more information for women” and asked to promote a “greater general interest in caring for the female body” so that they can feel “free” and “manage to take care of themselves.”

She also encouraged women to seek various medical opinions if a professional fails to stop crises in that area because “it is not normal to live with that pain forever.”

“From America to Europe without sleeping because pain speaks louder than anything. You can’t focus on a book, a movie, nothing, just Google how to solve this shit and it’s amazing the lack of information that women they have to happen”, he denounced when recounting one of those crises that he has just experienced on a trip between the two continents.

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