Ana Patricia Gámez exclusively: “I sleep so peacefully, I haven’t done anyone any harm”

Anita reveals the details of her contract, in a conversation with Karina Banda and until the day that in ‘Despierta América’ they lowered 40% of her salary

Ana Patricia Gámez exclusively I sleep so peacefully I havent done anyone any harm

The news and the return of Ana Patricia Gámez to ‘Falling in love was a surprise for everyone … Many were happy, some shocked, and others considered it a betrayal, especially Karina Banda, who had entered her place. But Anita, in an exclusive interview and ‘Without Filters, as the name of her successful podcast tells us, “I sleep so peacefully, I haven’t done anyone any harm”.

Because it says? Because for the first time it reveals that if she had not returned, another presenter would have entered in her place. That it is not that he got bored of his plan to leave the TV to be with his children, but that he negotiated not to miss any of the activities, that is, for the first time he signed a contract where work accommodated his life and not the other way around. That she was not called by Univision, but by SOHO, the Turkish production company that makes ‘Falling in Love’, so she is employed by them and not by the network.

And, for the first time, she tells the reason why today her businesses give her more money than TV, for that day they called her to announce that they were taking 40% of her salary on ‘Despierta América’, and she had to leave to compensate that money, and he understood that you should not be afraid of running out of Plan A, you simply have to give strength to Plan B.

Ana Patricia Gámez exclusively I sleep so peacefully I havent done anyone any harm

Next, Ana Patricia talks about all this and more, even what she has not yet revealed in the last two episodes of her successful Podcast, ‘Sin Filters with Ana Patricia’.

-In your podcast, ‘No Filter with Ana Patricia’, you dedicated two episodes to your return to ‘Falling in Love’, but something was missing, what did you think when they told you “Ana Patricia, do you want to come back?”?

Ana Patricia Gámez: I said: “Is it true? Is it true? But why would I want to go back if I was the one who made the decision?” … Leaving was not easy, nor did it happen overnight, it was also a negotiation, because not only a negotiation to have a contract or enter a program, but also to leave, because there is a contract involved, legal things, and it took me a long time to go, as a lawyer, but it was done in the best way … I say that when one leaves a place and leaves the doors open, as in this case I did with Univisión, and I say it I did it because I am not part of Univision today, today, the doors remain open, and they practically knocked on my door. I received a call, and I tell you at the beginning I said no, I can’t go back, how am I going to go back if I made the conscious decision and I didn’t regret it, I swear, all that time was at home.

Many talks, calls to find out how that balance that made me leave this program, that if I tell you I enjoyed it too much when I started it and today I can say that I am as happy, as in this 2019 to return, there are no yields. The talk and the negotiation were also with my husband because he told me: “and are you ready?”. Me, “ready why?”, “for the hate you’re going to receive”… I swear I didn’t understand it until today, but my husband is always like a step forward obviously he is older than me, not much, but he has lived more, he knows more, also with the career of his sister (Karla Martínez), so many years in ‘Despierta América’. We analyzed the situation, not only as a couple, as a family, with my children, the fact that I was also more present even though I continued working from here, at home, but I did all my errands in the morning until we all came to a mutual agreement, and I am not referring to the economic agreement under contract, but the balance in time, the schedules, maybe I put on makeup, get ready here and get to do the program.

-You are punished for the fact that you said a few months ago that you were leaving because you needed more time with your children, your children need it at the same time and they are the same age, how was your dynamic with the previous contract, and how is your dynamic with this contract that makes that difference?

 Ana Patricia Gámez: practically the same. However, there is more of Patricia’s time at home . When I was in the past I got up with the children, I took them to school, I prepared them, lunch, in the morning I went to exercise, I worked on little things here and there but it was longer. Before the program we all had as if the meeting all to talk about what had happened in the previous show, about what is coming in the next show, sometimes I did not even go to school for the children, I saw them in it for a little while in the morning when I got them ready and when I took them, I said goodbye to them for school, I didn’t see them until the next day . When I got home, they were already asleep, so that was one thing for me: “It’s not possible, how am I going to see my children for a little while in the morning? this can’t be” … Sometimes there were also recordings on Saturdays, on Sundays, with an engagement, with a party here and there.

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