10 Objects that absorb the good fortune of your home

10 Objects That Absorb The Good Fortune Of Your Home 10

Are you very superstitious?

If you already take care of your own home, you have just become independent and look for houses or you have already moved to an apartment with your friends, there are some things we would like to share with you so that everything around you is harmonious and positive.

Of course, good luck does not depend on destiny but on what you are doing day by day to preserve your health, love and faith, but omens are popular in many cultures, and if something had our ancestors was the wisdom to determine the Why certain things were beneficial or attract the negative. However, before reading this post we remind you that the simple fact of being alive is synonymous with a great fortune, so we hope you do not suggest or start like crazy to redecorate your home; Just a few recommendations, so relax!

1. Static clocks

10 Objects That Absorb The Good Fortune Of Your Home

Bad luck home decor static clock

It’s a metaphor that psychologically does not allow you to move forward, so be sure to change your batteries so that it is on and your life can flow with the natural course of time.

2. Still life

10 Objects That Absorb The Good Fortune Of Your Home

Decoration bad luck home still life

Dry flowers can give your home a bohemian style, but they may also be wilting your relationships. Send them a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers!

3. Antiques

10 Objects That Absorb The Good Fortune Of Your Home 3


It is true that vintage fashion is a trend trendy in Pinterest, but this type of decoration may be carrying with the vibes of yesteryear, people who may have suffered too much; Situations ranging from a divorce to having witnessed something violent.


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