Deaths continue to increase by COVID-19, add 3116

The number of confirmed cases around the planet reached 90,888

Deaths continue to increase by COVID 19 add 3116
Deaths continue to increase by COVID 19 add 3116

According to the latest data released by the epidemic of the new coronavirus Covid-19, until Tuesday are 2,943 deaths in the interior of China, a country where the disease originated, while worldwide the deaths have increased to 3116 , revealed the National Health Commission of China (NHC).

In its most recent court, it indicates that the number of confirmed cases around the planet reached 90 thousand 888, of which 80 thousand 151 are in China and 10 thousand 737 in other countries.

In the last 24-hour period there was an increase of 72 deaths worldwide and an increase of almost two thousand infected.

In China alone, contagion increased by 125 in one day, in South Korea , the second country most affected by the epidemic , they grew by approximately 570, reaching 4,812. Likewise, 28 deaths are reported in that country; six more than the previous day.

Italy and Iran continue to be the next countries most affected by the new coronavirus. In the first case, 342 new infections were registered, adding two thousand 36, and the deaths increased to 52.

In the case of Iran , in only one day there was a growth of 523 cases, which raise the total number of patients to 501. The deaths increased to 66.

The new countries to which the epidemic arrived on Monday were Armenia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Iceland and Indonesia.

On the other hand, the concern about the virus increased in the United States , since in the last 24 hours deaths from Covid-19 increased from two to six and the number of confirmed cases went from 88 to 101.

Thedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus , director of the World Health Organization (WHO), said during his daily press conference that in the last 24 hours there were almost nine times more cases of Covid-19 reported outside of China than within the country.

Ghebreyesus insisted, as he does almost daily, that it is still time to contain the spread of the epidemic and that knowing how it presents itself in each country is the key to it.

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