Maribel Guardia shows off her beauty with her LEGS open How sexy!

At 60 years old, the Costa Rican actress Maribel Guardia , boasts her beauty with a sensual pose on Instagram .

Maribel Guardia sighed to her more than 4.8 million followers on Instagram , a social network where the actress showed off her natural beauty with sensual clothing, which revealed her well-proportioned attributes up close; being a suggestive pose of semi open legs the one that raised the temperature.

After several weeks of quarantine due to Coronavirus , the Costa Rican actress we saw in the soap opera “Tú y Yo” inaugurated her Tik Tok account as a new hobby, since this receipt has been spent in the company of her son Julián Figueroa , her daughter-in-law Imelda Garza Tuñón and her grandson José Julián ; the latter being his favorite for mischief.

Well, the soap opera celebrity has not lost its natural beauty, since at 60 years of age it retains a statuesque figure, which does not hesitate to show off on social networks and thus brighten the day for its fans; never forgetting to dedicate several words of motivation to help cope with the isolation by COVID-19.

The hot photo of Maribel Guardia

In the photo we see Maribel Guardia wearing a fitted purple dress on top, her legs being the center of attention when wearing beautiful skin-colored heels with a transparent top, she also complemented her look with large earrings, simple makeup with shadows in the eyes and loose hair with side bangs.

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His publication posing on top of a white piano, has already exceeded 94 thousand 907 likes on Instagram, with a large number of high-pitched comments being made; while the Costa Rican actress appended a positive message to her fans about staying home during the quarantine.

There is no doubt that Maribel Guardia will remain active on social networks, since she has managed to grow her career with a good use of these technological tools, demonstrating never to lag behind trends, such as the use of Tik Tok , viral challenges or having present the most important events around you.

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