Zoom: new plan offers free video calls of more than 40 minutes with advertising

A handful of selected users will be able to enjoy this Zoom feature, which is currently in a trial period.

Zoom: new plan offers free video calls of more than 40 minutes with advertising

The importance that Zoom has assumed in our daily lives due to the pandemic is unquestionable. After this, virtual meetings have been established in our daily lives, whether for educationalwork, or entertainment tasks.

However, the platform to make video calls established a time limit of 40 minutes for those users who are not subscribed to its payment plan. After that period, the virtual meeting simply came to an end and you had to send a new link to continue with the meeting.

However, this is about to change. The company announced through its official blog that a beta test has started in which the duration of the call will be unlimited if the chosen free users accept the appearance of advertising pieces at certain times.

This begins the new business model that Zoom is adopting, which will begin to offer spaces for companies to advertise, which will be located within the application window in the browser.

“We are pleased to launch a pilot advertising program that we hope will allow us to support the investment and continue to provide free entry-level users access to our robust platform,” they stated in a post on their official blog.

As reported, “Ads will be deployed only on the browser page that users see after they end their meeting. Only free basic users in certain countries will see these announcements if they join meetings hosted by other basic users.”


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