YouTube: Android version allows you to view video description in full screen

The mobile application continues to innovate your user experience on Android by including descriptions of the videos from the smartphone.

YouTube: Android version allows you to view video description in full screen

Frequently, the most popular applications and web platforms make updates in order to better serve the people who use them. Now, YouTube allows you to enjoy a full screen on your cell phone and at the same time, be able to view the description, number of views, number of ‘likes’, date of publication, and the option of related videos.

With this new feature available for Android, the popular website claims that users no longer need to shift the phone’s position to know the information of what they are seeing, its screen simply adapts to what they require.

In order to activate this new option, you simply have to tilt your smartphone horizontally to put the clip on full screen and press it once so that the display icon (>) appears in the upper left. Then it will be scaled down so that all the information appears.

At the moment, YouTube does not allow access to comments directly when playing a video on full screen as Facebook does; however, Google is expected to add this option to further improve the user experience without having to rotate the smartphone.

This update adds to the new feature of which section of the video has been the most viewed, which the same company recently announced.


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