Would you like your cell phone to ‘scream’ when it finishes charging? Here we teach you

If you tend to forget your cell phone charging for hours, then you should use this trick that will notify you when its battery reaches 100%.

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Keep in mind that this trick will only work if you have an Android smartphone. Photo: Xataka

Forgetting your smartphone connected to the power for many hours can be harmful to the battery, especially if you have a ‘pirate’ or non-original charger. Fortunately, there is a trick (exclusive to Android phones ) for your device to ‘notify you’ when the battery is 100% charged. Would you like to learn it? Here we are going to teach you.

Unlike other tricks that circulate on the internet, it will not be necessary to root your phone, all you have to do is enter the Google Play Store, the app store for Android devices, and download an application developed by third parties. It is worth noting that this method also works for tablets.

How to make your smartphone ‘scream’ when it’s done charging?

  1. Enter Play Store and download an application called Battery Sound Notification.
  2. Before being able to use it, you will have to give it some permissions for its correct operation.
  3. Enter the application and press the + icon located at the top.
  4. The display will show three sections: mode, sound, and general.
  5. In the first one, choose a full battery and place 100%. For its part, in the second, choose text to speech and write what you want your smartphone to ‘shout’.

That would be all. After saving the changes, your smartphone will say the message you put when you charge your phone and the battery reaches 100%. In this way, you will no longer have to leave it connected for many hours.

Why do Android phones no longer have internal FM radio?

These days it is rare to see an Android phone with an FM radio. Although there are entry-level devices that have this feature, high-end mobiles from brands such as Samsung and Apple have chosen to remove it completely. What is the reason for this decision of the manufacturers? We will tell you about it in the following note.

In early smartphones, the radio chip was unlocked by default, so users could listen to music and news without spending their phone’s data. Currently, this item is unlocked on most smartphones.

Why should you put your smartphone in ‘airplane mode’ during flights?

Nikita Schmidt, who works as a pilot in a private company, revealed the real causes why passengers have to put their smartphones in airplane mode on a mandatory basis.

“You have probably ever heard a very annoying sound coming from the audio system that occasionally occurs when there is a cell phone nearby. The radio emission from a smartphone can be very strong, up to 8W”, added the pilot.

According to the publication, if several passengers start to use their smartphones in an inconsiderate way inside the plane, a very annoying noise begins to be heard on the radio that annoys the pilots and air traffic controllers.

The history of cell phones: online museum shows the evolution of our cell phones

A true journey back in time. The cell is an element that have been adapted over time and gradually we have become indispensable objects of our everyday life. It would be very interesting to understand how these lightweight devices evolved (initially not so small) and this is already possible from this new portal called Mobile Phone Museum, nothing less than a free virtual and online museum with more than 2,000 models of mobile computers dating from the 1980s to the present day.

The initiative is very similar to the virtual museums that exist on the web for other types of exhibitions. The Mobile Phone Museum is designed to trace the evolution of the mobile phone industry and includes such iconic pieces as the Nokia 3310.

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