WhatsApp will start charging in the coming months

WhatsApp plans to launch a paid subscription. The last time the company charged for the service was in 2015. What is the strategy and who is it for?

WhatsApp will start charging in the coming months

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. Its growth was such in recent times that there is a whole generation that did not pay for the service, since 2015 it stopped charging its users the sum of 1 dollar. However, it seems that the measure will be reversed in the coming months with a new strategy.

The app recently introduced multi-device support, available on both  Android and iOS, a long-awaited feature that has been around for a long time from its main competitor, Telegram.

WhatsApp currently allows users to connect four additional devices for free, both on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. But as reported by WABetaInfo, a site specializing in leaks, this may soon change as the company looks to introduce a paid subscription.

Why would WhatsApp start charging?

Will you charge me? How much will it be? Before panicking, you have to read carefully who the company is targeting with the measure.

According to the advancement of WABetainfo, the charging plan is under development, but it will only apply to users who use WhatsApp Business. That means that companies will be able to pay a modest price to be able to access new tools within the application.

For example, you can create communities with all the people who bought a product from you. Likewise, they will be able to access a function called “Linked devices”, exclusively for WhatsApp Business accounts, so that you do not lose contact with your clients.

The paid subscription will allow WhatsApp Business users to connect up to ten devices to a single WhatsApp account,

However, that does not mean that everyone who uses the business app will have to pay since it will be at the will of the entrepreneur or store.

At the moment, it is not known if the WhatsApp Business subscription will include other features. The cost and subscription period are not yet known and there is no information on whether it is a one-time subscription.

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