What is the true meaning of the person touching their ear on WhatsApp

The meaning of this emoticon is totally different from what you thought. Know what this icon expresses of the person holding the ear.

apple deaf sign emoji emojipedia
apple deaf sign emoji emojipedia

Every WhatsApp message must be accompanied by an emoticon so that the conversation is much more entertaining; However, many users use these classic yellow icons at the wrong time and submit them without knowing their meaning. This time we are going to explain the origin of the emoji of the person who touches his right ear.

WhatsApp emojis are so popular that they even filmed a movie in reference to them, in addition, on July 17, 2021, World Emoji Day was commemorated. Although most believed that emoticons were going to be forgotten after the arrival of stickers in 2018, this was not the case, since with each update many more are implemented.

The most used instant messaging platform in the world, we refer to WhatsApp, currently has more than three thousand emojis in the following categories: Emoticons and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, symbols and flags. In the first section you will find the icon of the person who touches his right ear and then we will explain its meaning.


This emoji is shown with different colored poles, yellow skin (although there are options to change the tones) and it can be a male or a female. He is also touching his right ear. According to the Emojipedia portal , it is a deaf person, which means that they do not have the ability to hear. The aforementioned icon was included in WhatsApp in 2019.


  • Deaf Man.
  • Deaf man.
  • Deaf woman.
  • Man who does not listen.
  • Woman who does not listen.

Did you know that a new emoji pack is going to be released? Tou can learn about the new emojis that you will use next September. Among them are a ‘pregnant man’, ‘mouth biting his lips’, ‘hands that form a heart’ and many more.

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