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Warzone 2 Content Creator Metaphor Reveals The No Recoil Loadout For STB 556 In Season 1 Reloaded

Warzone 2
Warzone 2

Every member of the Warzone 2 player base is probably trying to rack up as many kills as they can before the release of Season 3. With the debut of the newest edition, the typical meta scenario has changed, making it harder for players to select the most effective weapon with which to dominate.

Creators and streamers are actively seeking builds that simplify the process and increase accuracy. The STB 556 is a superb assault rifle that doesn’t bother its user with recoil.

Developer Metaphor has demonstrated a class setup for Warzone 2 that functions well at any range and has low recoil. Read on to find out how this weapon is constructed.

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The optimal STB 556 class configuration for the remastered version of Warzone Season 1

In Warzone 2, the STB 556 is among the most ridiculously effective weapons. The gun’s fast fire rate and enormous bullet velocity are inspired by the real-life Steyr AUG A3 and are enough to melt flesh.

While this weapon can be used to create a long-range class, Metaphor suggests a setup that allows you to effectively engage at any range.
It is easier for gamers to immediately engage enemies if they are caught off guard because the standard STB 556 has less recoil and few gun kicks during fire.

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Check out Metaphor’s suggested STB 556 arsenal for Warzone 2 below.

Metaphor’s recommended build for the STB 556 requires familiarity of the gun’s primary attachment in order to function properly. The accuracy, controllability, and velocity of hip firing will all improve with this barrel.

Using this barrel’s extended damage range, you’ll have no trouble connecting with long-range rounds, but doing so will slow your ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed, hip recoil control, and movement speed.

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Though the weapon’s stock configuration has very little recoil, it’s still crucial to have attachments that further reduce the weapon’s already negligible amount of felt resistance. As an additional piece to this puzzle, the Komodo Heavy Muzzle is indispensable.

A weapon’s ADS speed and targeting stability will both drop if an attachment is added to it. The addition of the Bruen HCR 56 Stock to this construction will also aid in recoil control, bringing the assault rifle closer to the “zero recoil” stage.

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When assembling a unique arsenal, it might be challenging to locate the optimal Optic for each weapon. The Cronen Mini Red Dot is ideal for the Optic since the suggested build has practical applications in virtually any circumstance. With such a clear sight picture, you may confidently engage targets at any range.

5.56 High Velocity Ammunition is another attachment that can improve bullet speed by a small amount, however it reduces the damage output of the weapon slightly in Warzone 2.

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If you want to rack up some kills in Warzone 2 Season 1 reloaded, then you should use this loadout on your primary assault rifle. Raven Software may make some balance changes to the rifle in preparation for Season 2. You ought to try out STB 556 before that occurs.

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