Vivo launches its Imaging Chip V1 image sensor

What is the company’s new V1 chip about vivo? Learn how the brand will be implemented in consumers.

Vivo Chip

Will it be placed in the next devices of the brand? In a press conference, the vivo company presented the new Imaging Chip V1 of its own design during an event held in Shenzhen, China, and, in this way, expanded its four long-term strategic lines.

“The V1 is a fully custom integrated circuit chip dedicated to imaging and video applications with state-of-the-art visual quality, marking a key milestone as Vivo’s inaugural breakthrough in independent R&D and chip design. In keeping with the design of the live imaging system, the Imaging Chip V1 can better meet users’ needs by optimizing smartphone application scenarios such as viewfinder appearance and video recording, ” said Hu Baishan. , Executive Vice President and Director of Operations of Vivo.

The Imaging Chip V1 has been developed over 24 months by more than 300 R&D people and experts from the Vivo imaging laboratory. Going forward, Vivo’s focus will primarily revolve around four strategic tracks: imaging, operating system, industrial design, and performance.

In Hu’s view, Vivo will only consider developing chips with partners when there is no supplied capacity in the market to accommodate Vivo’s technical and product needs, along with a substantial demand for fully custom chips to support these strategic pathways. long-term. vivo will strategically focus its resources on simulating known consumer needs through IP design and developing key innovative image processing algorithms, without undertaking chip manufacturing.

“In addition to enhancing the visual aesthetics and imaging effects of Vivo products, the Imaging Chip V1 also aims to bring unmatched experiences to users, channeling emotional resonance through visual expression. vivo is firmly committed to long-term investment in all four strategic avenues to create industry-leading technology and innovation, which will undoubtedly satisfy even the most demanding high-end smartphone users, ”he added.

The imaging system is part of Vivo’s main long-term strategic pathways. To this day, Vivo has invested heavily in this field for more than five years, achieving many advancements such as Gimbal stabilization technology and Selfie Spotlight on the go. In December 2020, Vivo and ZEISS announced a long-term strategic partnership on mobile imaging innovation.

Based on consumer feedback, Vivo will apply a three-pronged strategy focused on product planning, technical planning, and pre-research to achieve a balance between products and technology. The Vivo Central Research Institute will be in charge of planning new technologies, which will be closely aligned with consumer demands, industry trends, and user scenarios.


Vivo’s goal in the next 10 to 20 years is to create great products based on design-driven value, building a bridge between humans and the digital world by providing users with an increasingly comfortable mobile and digital experience. vivo will continue to pursue vigorous development strategies with the vision of becoming a healthier and more enduring world-class corporation.

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