The sad message in the new Spider-Man video game

The sad message in the new Spider Man video game
The sad message in the new Spider Man video game

The new Spider-man video game came out this week and with a sad story of heartbreak.

Tyler Schultz, a lover of video games and a great fan of Spider-man asked through Twitter, a favor the video game company responsible for the game: Insomniac games to include their marriage proposal in the new videogame of the arachnid.

Tyler Schultz wrote in his message:

“I need your help. This could be selfish, but I’m ready to propose to my girlfriend and I want to do it in a special way. Is there any way they put an easter egg of “Madison, would you marry me?” somewhere in the game? “

The company Insomniac Games received the message and decided to help the young man.

Everything seemed to go perfectly for the young man but the young man’s beautiful gesture ended in a catastrophic way, because one month before the game came to light, Tyler Schultz was cut by his girlfriend, but the young man’s failure did not end there since the famous ” Maddie ” began a relationship nothing more and nothing less than … his own brother!

Now the love failure of young Tyler will remain in the game forever as a bad reminder.

What do you think?

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