The requirement to install Android 12 on your smartphone

Do you know if your cell phone can have Android 12? Here we show you what characteristic your team should have.


The arrival of the new Android operating system occurs little by little in various mobile devices around the world.

If you have a compatible smartphone, your device must comply with a specific requirement in a mandatory way to run Android 12 without problems.

The requirement to install Android 12 on your smartphone
Find out if your cell phone has the special feature for Android 12. Photo: andro4all

We refer to the security and emergency menu, which allows knowing important information about each user in case they have an accident or medical emergency, and this type of information is needed.

Configure and upgrade your Android 12

If you open the privacy panel in settings, you will find the calendar section, where you can check which applications have access to your day-to-day data.

In addition, you should also verify access to the microphone and the camera. Remember that one of the new privacy settings in Android 12 disproves the myth of eavesdropping on platforms like Facebook and Google.

On your smartphone already updated with the new system, a green dot will appear in the top menu bar if one of the Android apps is using your phone’s microphone or camera. Through the quick settings, you can turn off some of these.

Although this lock is temporary, it is also possible to modify the permissions of the individual application from settings and make a permanent change.

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