The most inclusive emoji will arrive in 2019

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Each year new members join the extended family of emojis. In February of this year the great novelty was the red-haired emojis that were accompanied by a wide variety of hairstyles, as well as more icons of food, animals and utensils.

Unicode, the consortium in charge of selecting and approving the emojis that reach our mobiles, has made public the list of those that will arrive in 2019 and it seems that the diversity and inclusion of people continues to prevail.

Emoji has a long history, before the age of the Internet were already used in some paper magazines, but it was not until the 90s when they entered the digital age of text messages on computers and phones. And yet, the first black emojis had to wait until 2014, when Apple recognized the lack of diversity of emoticons. Since then, the technological industry has gradually included symbols with a greater variety of skin tones.

The struggle of the LGTBIQ community also led to the emergence of homosexual couples among the emojis, and both claims are now joined in a new series of drawings that will reflect next year the reality of interracial couples, both hetero and homosexuals that add about 55 possible combinations .

The idea of ​​including more diversity does not stop there, because in the blog where they have made public the new Unicode list ensures that there will also be an emoji of a deaf person making the sign that usually signifies deafness in Sign Language. And for the blind, there is the icon of the guide dog, next to the service dog like the police dogs. The list continues with a yo-yo, a wheelchair, a mechanical arm and leg, a hearing aid, an ice cube, the saturn planet, etc.

The different cultures are also represented by a sari, a Hindu temple, a falafél, the typical mate of South American countries.

These novelties, which are not definitive, come from a previous list of candidates to which each year also new emojis are added while waiting to be selected. After this last meeting of Unicode it seems that to the list new candidates have arrived the icons of the ninja, the magic wand, the mammoth and the dodo between golds.

Until the official list of Emoji12.0 arrives in March 2019, the Unicode committee will continue to review the list of candidates and select the lucky ones who will be on mobile phones around the world by 2019 and 2020. At the moment, those who have already exceeded This long process is 179 that thousands of people use every day.

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